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Cloud and DevOps services

Today's technology is adapted to helping businesses run in a seamless, resourceful way. The transition has been rapid, escaping traditional means of curating data via hosting on server/client applications to integrating programs through native cloud applications that run on a virtualized network. Scylla Technology channels all of its services towards improving secured connectivity for different sectors of business as well as providing intelligent enterprise solutions for your organization. With our Cloud and DevOps services, you can bridge the crevasse existing between your software and hardware through cloud computing and agile deployment of applications that can be used by everyone within the organization.

What is cloud computing

This is a concept that is relatively easy to understand. Cloud computing is simply operations that involve storage and accessibility of data and programs on the internet instead of a local storage station. Cloud computing for businesses and organizations has a slightly different take.


Business could subscribe to the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform where they are given a generic application that they can access over the web. SaaS has become one of the most important delivery models for several business applications. Its capabilities cover dynamic business functionalities such as payroll processing software, office software, customer relationship management (CRM), management software, DBMS software, Management Information Systems (MIS), service desk management and a host of other applications.


There is also Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This component of cloud computing allows businesses to create their applications. As a service, PaaS delivers databases, caches, algorithm engines and application containers. Our cloud computing and development platform build and supply an optimized environment that will allow you to install applications and data sets. This important product of cloud computing will afford your team the luxury of collaborating and working together on projects irrespective of physical location.


Also, there is the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) which is the third of the three major categories of cloud computing and development services. This is a dynamic and vast platform for cloud computing by which a service on the web rents out caches, virtual machines or storage for data management by other clients. Our cloud computing service provides IaaS that is a faster, easier and more cost-efficient method of operating a workload without having to buy, manage or support the underlying infrastructures.

The advantages of cloud computing for any organization are numerous and cannot be done without. Most primarily, ubiquitous data accessing is a remarkable feature for cloud computing. Every of your organization's sectors can share and read information via the cloud connection by syncing their data over the internet. More so, applications that can be used within an organization can be easily accessed without an OS or a hard drive.

What is DevOps?

An aggregate of two words development and Operations, DevOps is a solution to integrating your organizations IT infrastructure and other entities such that each sector can function stand alone and still be able to be monitored by management at the top tier. DevOps is necessary for an enterprise when implementing methods that can help different sectors of the business stand alone. Processing operations in businesses require that some databases be broken down to encourage a more flexible and collaborative interaction between the development and IT operations for your enterprise

The Relationship between Cloud and DevOps

Cloud and DevOps exist independently but are made to relate mutually to improve business value via integration of IT and strategies for growth. Enterprises have evolved in their approach to business, an example is shifting focus to consumer decision or better yet, service valued delivery instead of product delivery. More so, companies are becoming adaptive towards more innovative pathways rather than maintaining efficiency.

Our job at Scylla technologies is to enable businesses that trust in us to be able to wade through the market without much stress. The goal here is in keeping our client businesses secure, and efficient. This is why we offer integrated cloud and DevOps services to improve on work methods, cut time down and increase delivery frequency.