IT Recruitment Experts

We basically get the job done


At Scylla technologies, our IT Consulting services is a blue chip to the businesses that trust in us. We affirm this by our confidence in IT solutions and the level of growth that we have helped our clients achieve over the course of time. A firm’s technological infrastructure and information processes will function to improve and boost its business activities, and this is what we believe in. Scylla operates to address technological needs by assessing an ongoing business strategy and mapping out the necessary IT requirements that the business should attain to sustain its projections and maintain client feedback. This we have done time and time again to the extent that our solution-providing expertise is the only thing that gives our clients the confidence they have at the start of a business year. Modern trends in top-level organizing suggest that firms, when evaluating their SWOT do so with a fleshy consideration of who they consult for their IT decisions and technical staffing. As a strength to any business we partner with, Scylla technologies help clients manage an operating model that is efficient and robust in its corporate structure, extensively handling information integration and resolving complex technical problems while managing technical staff hiring or updating staff skill.


Scylla is a firm that always strives to remain at the top of industrial success. We have a listing of well-trained staff members that are qualified and capable of advising and managing our clients on IT related issues. Our experts are repositories of IT knowledge. They characterize distinction in both social and technical skills when it comes to handling client needs, and they can do this because of the experience garnered from different work descriptions to which they have proficiently assisted or solved out. Our range of services help our clients in processing any of the below opportunities:

  • Recruitment services: We assist in scouting for qualified professionals for any project type or size. Our team will help you get the best hires needed to get your work done. Much scrutiny is infused in our interviews to ensure that our clients get the best of what is needed.
  • Headhunting for gurus with skills specific to client needs:
  • Intelligence Marketing
  • Project management support
  • Technical Support: Scylla believes that its client’s success is its own success. This is why we are always ready to support our clients with technical ideas and knowledge that would help them reach their goals faster and survive in the face of competition.



Here at Scylla technologies, we strongly believe that we are your blueprint for persistent progress and stability. Our services provide means of intelligent reporting of business progress, and this is a germane tool for any surviving business. These reports can be used to control the way investments are channeled around a business. The first aim we help a business in establishing is to rank up sales while lowering investment costs. This end goal of the first is more profit for the business. We also help to analyze the performance of your sales and the efficiency of methods implemented.