Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things

The efficiency of an organization reflects so much more than profit peaks and a successful business year. It is a sincere measure of the impact and resourcefulness of all that is put in to achieve organizational success. Scylla technologies ushers in the internet of things to help its clients and investors join the revolutionary world of business and tech. Scylla’s IoT service offers powerful connectivity, analysis and data storage that can be used by firms and COOs to employ more useful decisions with lesser investments to achieve better results. We help create and deploy custom IoTapplications that can enhance the outlook and capability of yourbusiness. The dividends of integrating IoT in running all platforms of your organization include seamless running of single and combinedprocesses, time and resource saving and a more organic user Xperience.

What is the internet of things?

With the steady prolific growth of technology that the world has witnessed between the advent of the industrial age and today, the possibility of connecting people can be said to once be a necessity. The technology tagged as Internet of things, is an ecosystem through which heterogeneous devices can be connected to each other such that they can communicate and share useful information with one another. IoT works as an end to end mechanism, linking up small devices, medium devices to even colossal hardware such as machines or vehicles via a remote architecture. Basically most devices with silicon enabled hardware in the form of chips, tags or sensors can be connected to each other. Connection is established when each device connects to the internet and is able to relay data back and forth from cloud. The data relayed can be used by the system for useful analysis or forecasting or even better sent to other devices connected to the system for interpretation and feedback, thus making the Internet of Things the most powerful grid of connectivity.

Why You Should Invest In Our IoT Service

Why You Should Invest In Our IoT Service:

The IoT platform due to its immensely useful connectivity is causing a turnaround in every industry. Most business are able to recognize an opportunity once they see it, but sometimes there’s more that’s needed. Here at Scylla Technologies, we recognize opportunities through the eyes of the future. We understand the usefulness of the IoT and its effect on business that implement it. With Scylla’s innovative products, connect and manage your outlets to consumers and yourself today via a reliable and efficient stream of connectivity. Scylla security solutions are also available to secure end user data, manage the channels across end users and between end users and your business in order for quick, accessible feedback and monitoring. We afford our clients powerful software tools for analysis and can help install the needed infrastructure to help your business grow in no time and with lesser investment. Our services offer:

  • Remote Monitoring:Our services help managers to be able to remotely monitor field methods using deployed applications that are designed specifically for your business.
  • Data accessibility and storage: The data collected from the feedback on your products or assets are stored on our cloud server and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The usefulness of this is what IoT is all about: Information control and flow of order. The data we can help you curate and interpret can be used to determine overall functioning of your business, consumers, assets as well as resource uptake.
  • Integration of your business: All platforms of your business can be integrated together so that simultaneous processes can be initiated together. This saves the cost of running the business as information is readily shared between departments and time is saved.
  • Efficiency: The bottom line of every technological advancement: With modern IoT, the improved efficiency of any business is inadvertent. Easier information access and sharing, controlled, better decision-making and implementation, flexible time saving as well as the smaller requirement of investment are advantages that cannot be overlooked for business looking to stay ahead and on edge. Also, predictive maintenance can be initiated for your assets as you can tell their states through data available, helping cut down costs on maintenance and repair.
  • Better decisions:. Make better and easier decisions today by using Scylla Tech IoT software for analysis and data interpretation. Let your manager be able to maintain top level performance and guarantee improved return for your business. Without doubt, our IoT software is the ideal tool to aid your decision making skill.