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Extensive studies have shown that businesses are increasingly embracing full technological integration in their operations. And as more of these companies are recognizing the value of the internet technology as an integral tool in their continued existence, many of them are willing to have internet presence, it is imperative that virtually every business concern that wants to either meet or better its completion make a strategic decision as to what type of web presence it needs to put in place vis a viz its target market and its market offerings.

Gone are those days when internet presence was thought to be the exclusive preserve of large corporations. No matter the level of your business, you need to take advantage of the internet and its associated web resources, if your company must meet current trends and make it competitive.

Why your Company needs Web Solution Services

Whether at the level of intelligence conventional case (VS profits cost report) or intelligence Marketing that will tell you how much each dollar you earn, running a business is simply to control the flow of investments by reporting income. As marketing is the source of new sales, marketing intelligence should represent one of the most important issues in the daily business executive.

  • Is your Company for effective and efficient communication and data transmission?
  • Does your company desire to have a wider market reach?
  • Does your firm aim to provide more value to its customers?
  • Is your business enterprise in search of ways to improve its overall efficiency?
  • Does your company desire to be more competitive or meet its competition?
  • Is your company aiming to build and communicate a strong brand?
  • Does your company aim at boosting sales and profitability?

If you answered a yes to any or all of the above question, then your company will appreciate the need to have a strong internet presence, because the internet technology has provided businesses with the appropriate tools to achieve these business goals.

Moreover, the dynamics of the business environment and the markets being served have become more difficult to predict, therefore, necessitating proactive businesses to identify and deploy essential internet-based tools that make for an outstanding customers' experience.

So, what do we offer?

So, what do we offer?

At Scylla Technologies, we understand the needs of your business, whether it is a big or small business. Our clients trust us to offer them more than services; we offer solutions. Our team of experts is well trained and available 24/7 to cater for your needs in the under-mentioned areas and needs:

Web Design

A good website should be designed to communicate its essence in a simple and well-placed page - the homepage- to create leads and convert visitors. We specialize in making our clients' websites have a purpose, easy navigation, appealing visuals, rich contents and many attributes that stand us out of the rest when it comes to website design.

Website Development

When you want experts to handle your front-end and back-end development, our team of developers will be at your service to convert and build the visual design of your website into codes, as well as create functionality where no existing software or package are available to meet your specific needs.

Custom Web Development

This is our tailored web solution service that allows for versatility to address the particular needs of our clients. If your company is the type that will prefer to have its website build from scratch and made to fit your exact desired features and look, then what you need is our custom web development service. A custom web development gives absolute control.

CMS Development

Our team can provide your company with applications that enable different users with varying levels of permission to manage your company's data, content, and information without prior technical training. So, if programming or HTML is not one of your pastimes, you need not worry, because CMS does not need any of those.

eCommerce Web Development

E-commerce has become a veritable tool for businesses to sell their products and services online, reach new market frontiers, and increase their sales and profits. However, that is only attainable if the e-commerce site has some useful features such as security, simple checkouts, ease of navigation, fast load time, security, etc. We take the extra effort to ensure that e-commerce websites from Scylla Technologies bear these entire attribute, and which is why our customers have trusted us over the years to provide them with e-commerce websites that sell.

Web Application

When your company needs a software that will ease your business operations, all you need to do is tell us your need, and we will create something that is tailored to serve your need.