Applications, Devices and Examples of Internet of Things

A few years ago you have heard a term “Internet of Things” either from your friend or colleague or while reading a technical blog or at the launch of a new product. But the term “Internet of Things” is quite big in knowledge. When you explore the Internet of Things, you will be amazed to know its diversity. We must say that about its scope that you can’t define the limit of its scope.

To sum up, all Internet of Things is one of the most rapidly fast growing networks in which objects can collect and exchange data with the help of sensors. Cars, lights, refrigerators, and all other appliances can be connected via IoT.

To make it clear and precise for you we have added up some applications of Internet of Things. And what devices are being used in IoT with examples.

Internet of Things Smart Connected home  Applications, Devices and Examples of Internet of Things Internet of Things Smart Connected home

Applications of Internet of Things

Following are some applications of Internet of Things.

Smart Cities

The Internet of Things is capable of transforming the whole city into so called Smart cities with the solution of problems faced by citizens. With the accurate data and proper connection between the objects of cities, the Internet of Things can regulate the daily traffic by avoiding congestion. Moreover, IoT is helpful in reducing the crime rate, noise, and pollution.

Smart Homes

One of the most popular applications of Internet of Things is Smart Homes. The reason for its popularity is that it is cost effective solution and availability. There are a lot of devices available in the market which users can drive with their voice to make their lives more connected than ever before. An example of Smart Homes is Amazon Echo.

Internet of Things Smart Home  Applications, Devices and Examples of Internet of Things Internet of Things Smart Home

Energy Engagement and Efficiency

The future of the power grid is very bright. In future, they are not only reliable but also smart enough. The concept of the smart grid has now become very popular across the globe. The soul of smart grid idea is to collect the data automatically and critically analyze it to find the behavior of consumers and supplier to make it more efficient for both. Sensors are used for monitoring purpose. They monitor temperature, energy usage, etc. Google adopted this method and cut down 15% of his expenditure of energy.

Connected Cars

Mostly these cars are equipped with the internet access. And can share the information and data with one another. Not only the information but they can also share the access just like the network in home or offices.

Internet of Things Devices and Examples

Connected Cars – AT&T

In the second quarter of 2016, AT&T added 1.3 millions of cars to its network. Up to now, the number of cars reached to 9.5 million. For the subscription, the drivers don’t need to pay a single penny to AT&T.

Smart Cities – Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Spain. They have implemented many concepts of Internet of Things. Internet of Things helps them in many regular activities like traffic signals, car parking system, environmental regulations and weather forecasting more accurately.

How Internet Of Things Will Change Your Businesses

Smart Home – Amazon Echo

As the name suggests, Amazon Echo works with the voice of the human. Alexa is the assistant of Amazon Echo. User talks to Alexa to perform certain functions. Like play music, want to know about weather, updates about sports scores, call Uber and much more.

Internet of Things Automation of Home  Applications, Devices and Examples of Internet of Things Internet of Things Automation of Home

Can you Imagine How Big the Internet of Things is?

Internet of Things is the technical wave of connecting the things in real life. The network goes beyond the laptops, computers, and mobiles. Now the cars, smarts homes, wearables, cities, and health cares are connecting to provide better facilities to live. According to the report of Gartner, in 2020 the number of connected devices will reach 20.6 million.

Year Number of Connected devices
1990 0.3 Million
1999 90.0 Million
2010 5.0 Billion
2013 9.0 Billion
2025 1.0 Trillion

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