Mobile Marketing

We live in the era of the mobile. Currently more than 35% of online purchases are made through mobile devices, 67% of consumers are more willing to buy on sites optimized for mobile and 40% go to the site of the competition after a bad experience on the mobile.

Mobile Marketing

The use of mobile devices in recent years has grown dramatically. Today, more than 16 million Internet users in Spain have a mobile, so it is a good time to make mobile marketing a priority. In addition, 54% of small and medium-sized companies believe that mobile solutions are essential for their businesses. These data make mobile marketing essential for any company that seeks to be competitive. Scylla Technologies, a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, will help you optimize your website and design your online strategy, always thinking about mobile devices. The Responsive Web Design the SEO mobile and mobile SEM are the key points to the success of your business.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing strategy on what Google calls the micro-moments, dozens of small moments that happen every day in the life of a user and that constitute an unstoppable impulse to consult your mobile phone before needs like knowing, looking, doing or buy something. These micro-moments constitute a unique opportunity for online marketing since they are moments in which information is sought to make decisions and, in this way, they are erected in vital moments in which to show the brand to the user. The Scylla Technologies Mobile Marketing team will develop, among other initiatives, SEO and SEM strategies to appear within the search results when the Internet user is in one of these micro-moments.

Adapt Your Business To Mobile Devices

Currently, not betting on mobile marketing can only mean one thing: the loss of business opportunities. Today, more than 60% of online purchases made in the YS are from mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are here to stay and be the means by which most Internet users access services through the network. A new way to search and consume. A necessary change if you want your business to be up to date and keep increasing your business. Something more than a change of mentality, a new way of understanding the way to achieve objectives.

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