About Our Firm

Our goal is to support companies in the success of their projects on the web. Above all, we seek to make your digital strategy more efficient and to put the right tools on your side for web communication at the service of the development of your sales and your notoriety.

About the firm

Scylla Technologies was born 5 years ago in Atlanta GA, with the aim of making the combination of our strategic knowledge and web design available to companies for their introduction to the online world. With the passage of time and the evolution of the Internet, online marketing and changes in the technological and economic environment have extended this unique goal of web design to a wide range of services. From web design, SEO positioning and online marketing, to the introduction of companies in social networks and the use of all the possibilities that a web page and social networks offer to companies nowadays.

Web Design Agency

As one of the web design agencies in Atlanta, GA with the most experience, SCYLLA Technologies, offers a comprehensive service to companies that focus on a specialized strategic approach for each company. We combine the technical and strategic knowledge that our experience in the world of business, consulting, design and classic or digital marketing has given us to understand the keys to the market in which each company moves and to offer a web design that be the starting point for an online marketing strategy that encourages companies to meet their objectives.

Websites & Marketing

If the web design is the starting point, the design of the online marketing strategy is as follows. We define a comprehensive digital communication strategy, incorporating for each project those channels that best suit the client and his business: both advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, as web positioning tactics. Our team is a multidisciplinary team, including economists from the consultancy sector, web designers, web programmers and online marketing technicians.

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