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PPC - Pay per click marketing

This may sound a little weird, but if you’re planning to spend $1000 on a pay-per-click campaign, make sure you’re generating enough income to justify so much financial effort. The good news is that you can control your online costs by adhering to a strict budget. If for example, you limit your campaign to $100 per day, your ads will disappear as soon as you reach your daily budget and then resume the next day. However, if you are investing $ 50 to sell a $10 shirt, it does not matter how many times a day you spend; You are losing money.

Keyword Selection

Selecting the right keywords through appropriate research will help attract visitors who are likely to be interested in the products and services of your website.
Relevance: It is very important that the selected words are relevant to your company. Nothing bothers a visitor more than being directed to a site that has nothing to do with your search. Even if the user leaves immediately, you will pay for their visit. As a result, each landing page or PPC landing page must be very relevant to the keyword that points to it and thus gets a better return on investment (ROI)
Match options: You can specify whether to bid with broad match keywords that will be shown for any variation of a keyword (for example, everything that includes the keyword “web design”), or use a phrase and exact word. You can also specify negative keywords that you do not want to appear (for example, as a negative keyword “jobs” In a broadly matched ad group that is “web design” it will show your ad for the phrase “web design company” but not for ” web design jobs “..

Websites & Marketing

Our goal is to support companies in the success of their projects on the web. Above all, we seek to make your digital strategy more efficient and to put the right tools on your side for web communication at the service of the development of your sales and your notoriety. In a context marked by a timid economic recovery, companies are more than ever called upon to maximize the reach of their communications strategy to get a new market share and sustain their growth.

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