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Search engine positioning like Google or Bing is as important as the development of a website. It is the way to make your website visible and attract visitors so that the web page meets its objectives.

SEO Agency

Scylla Technologies is one of the SEO companies in Atlanta with the most experience in this sector, we specialize in organic SEO in Google and other search engines. Our work as an SEO agency covers all areas of this discipline: from the on-page technical optimization of your website, through the adaptation of content for SEO, to the subsequent work of popularity and link-building. Throughout these years, we have worked both on local and national SEO strategies, as well as on internalization scenarios of web positioning. In addition, if you decide to make your website with us, we have a system specifically prepared for search engine positioning.

How do we work on SEO?

Our SEO Strategies are divided into the following phases:
In-depth analysis of your website and the web pages of your competitors at the level of programming, positioning, and content.
Analysis and study of keywords and phrases suggested by the client and those used by the competition. Choice of keywords to the position in Google based on main keywords and longtail application.
Optimization of the programming code of all the pages of your website.
Control of visit statistics and conversions of your web pages through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
Registration of your website in the main search engines (Google, Bing, etc).
Subsequent monitoring, monitoring and continuous optimization of your web pages.

Built For Success

One of the main points for a successful positioning of a website is a correct programming of the web and its follow-up. This includes multiple technical parameters to be taken into account in the programming of the web. From content according to the services offered by the client, to the correct implementation of tags or the use of Sitemaps in XML specific to Google.
It is also key to permanently maintain the optimization work to achieve a better positioning. Or the off-page optimization of the website by the search engines periodically adjusting the keywords to the web.
SCYLLA Technologies only positions websites respecting the recommendations of Google and Bing. We do not use any SEO technique that can attract good short-term results but expose you to future penalties.

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