Website Maintenance

With web maintenance, your website will be updated, monitored and it will be safe. You will stand out with respect to your competition

What is Website Maintenance?

Once finished the design of your website or the design of your online store , web maintenance is a fundamental aspect. It offers everything you need to make your website work properly and be safe from any threat or software failure. If you dedicate time to maintain your WordPress, you will be “stealing” what matters most to you: make your business grow online. Let us take care that your website does not fail and focus on what is really important.

Who Needs Web Maintenance

The Web Maintenance service is aimed at those companies that want to focus on the day to day of their business but need to have an efficient website that generates sales, captures new customers and loyalty to existing customers. Our experience and continuous development of new technologies and online marketing strategies allows us to effectively manage corporate portals and optimize them to increase their profitability by keeping maintenance costs at minimum values.

Types of Web Maintenance

Contents: maintaining the content of the website is key to the success of any web project. Without renewed and updated content, web pages lose interest and effectiveness for their users. From Scylla Web we take care of updating the contents of your website, keeping it up to date.
Technician: the technical maintenance of the website guarantees the solution of any problem that may arise at a technical level, guaranteeing your peace of mind.
SEO Positioning: our web positioning service will allow you to position your website in search engines like Google in a preferential situation that allows you to generate qualified traffic to your website and, ultimately, results.
Consulting: finally, our consulting service will help you whenever you want to solve your doubts and get the most out of the website.

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