Data Science Is Transforming all Industries, let us transform yours.

About Scylla Technologies

Scylla Technologies is an Atlanta, GA. based technology services firm specializing in turnkey IT solutions that enable your business to perform accurately and efficiently. We are a systems integrator, providing custom computing solutions and support services to industries, governments, Small and Midsize Business, and special interests . Additionally, we partner with technology leaders to deliver quality solutions adds value, and expandable to growth.

Organizations often struggle with their technology investment aligning to business needs. They want seamless accessible infrastructure, on-demand data, and secure collaboration environments. Today products offer solutions based on cost per use models which can get very pricey and impact efficiency with little to no interoperability. This results in overworking staff on manual processes and duplicate data tasks, or older systems running on antiquated technologies. Our solutions are customized to your need, not merely a few system tweak points. We take precise care in examining the total system from capacity, performance, to security. We review these against your desired need and provide a comprehensive solution that is robust, adds value, and expandable to growth.

Business Intelligence

Companies today produce more and more data. Business leaders and other managers must make decisions quickly, based on reliable and cross-information. Business Intelligence involves collecting, transforming and storing this data, before publishing it in various forms and media. Contact us today to learn more

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Data Science as a Service

Within our high-availability, geo-redundant Data Centers, we host valuable data from our customers. These data are varied: from professional messaging to business applications and ERP. This accommodation comes along with some guarantees that include: mobility, security, flexibility and reversibility.

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Data Modeling & Architecture

Companies that invest in their production tools see them as a source of growth and competitiveness. In terms of customized application solutions, the observation applies in various ways because the performance is more enhanced as the application developed can closely follow the working methods of the company.

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Data Analytics

Companies are increasingly affected by cyber-attacks, regardless of their sector of activity. Often unprotected and unfamiliar with the rules of cybersecurity in business, professionals remain the preferred target of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals primarily exploit the simplest vulnerabilities and many use social engineering to achieve their goals.

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Data visualization

To support you in reaching your recruitment objectives, we rely on our knowledge of the industry, high technology and our mastery of the main tools and channels of sourcing. Our sourcing service is aimed at companies that are in the process of finding new employees on one or more fields of expertise. We implement a proven methodology to help you meet the best candidates.

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Analytics Assessment & Training

Due to increased competition, a company has to find a specific tool that is adaptable to the changing business environment. This enables a company to offer unique services that are different from those of its competitors. Scylla Technologies is committed to providing you with all the tools you need to be successful in your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our Mission

Scylla Technologies’ mission is to provide its customers with a wide range of products and high-quality services

We strongly believe that the success of a project is through a strong, cohesive team. When we talk about a team, we firmly believe in this term. For us, it is composed of clients, consultants and internal structure. At Scylla Technologies, we are committed to our core values.

With a very rich and diverse experience with regard to customer service. Scylla Technologies has a course that reflects strong commitments to operating income and supports long-term clients. The commitment to our customers remains the core DNA of Scylla Technologies; whose radiation is constituted by the success of all missions - from the simplest to the most complex - through the implementation of a rigorous quality approach.

Finally, this commitment is applied daily by the high level of involvement of our employees in serving our customers.

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Here is why we are different

Scylla analyzes, designs, develops, installs, and supports you end to end. From data driven applications, voice communications & access, to cloud computing. Utilizing the latest technologies; we can build, implement, and deploy solutions that perform efficiently from scratch or integrate your existing systems.

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Custom Solutions

Custom solutions based on your own, unique needs

A unique offering that covers all enterprise technology needs, from projects management to enterprise applications development.

Quality Service

Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service

As a fast growing business, we are small enough to give you the quality, but large enough to give you piece of mind and security.

Consistent Support

We have the knowledge and experience to get you the right support

Allocated sector driven account managers to ensure you get the very best from your solution and the best possible outcome.