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Companies that know how to collect and analyze their customers' data are able to differentiate themselves by creating a more personalized experience for them and generate revenue more efficiently through direct marketing and more relevant promotions. In conjunction with our data analytics partners, we offer a full range of data services including customization, cleanup, analysis, augmentation and management of customer data. Whether your challenge is to make better use of data or implement a whole new approach to customer data, we can help.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Whether your field of activity is teaching, tire manufacturing or hotel services, hundreds of business processes are behind the scenes. Employees and suppliers must be paid. Computer networks must be maintained. Customers must be able to complete transactions. When these day-to-day operations hinder the achievement of the company's objectives, contact Scylla Technologies. Our legacy proves that we are here to continue our mission. As a service provider, we understand that our performance influences yours. We keep our commitments and are there when the need arises.

Big Data

Many concepts emerge every day in computer science and represent real opportunities for you and your company. Thanks to its ongoing research and development efforts, Scylla Technologies helps you to understand and decline these innovative technologies in a way that is relevant to your company. Scylla Technologies supports you in their implementation within your company.

eBusiness Solutions

Whether you are looking for a partner to manage your entire e-commerce activity or looking for a one-off expertise to improve the performance of your online business, Scylla Technologies brings you Global e-business solution. Our solution also brings together all the e-commerce and digital expertise needed to set up and manage your e-business, from the design of your site to the delivery of customers.

Internet Of Things IoT

Today the Internet of Things IoT, benefiting from the rise and falling costs of technologies, seems to have invaded our daily lives. This phenomenon affects many sectors: industry, construction, transport, telecommunications, logistics, health and many more. Connected objects become a must for businesses. These "smart" objects allow data to be collected and actions taken remotely, which improves operational activities, increases profitability and opens up possibilities for the creation of new services.

Scylla Technologies Solutions

The IT industry is always changing, so we are.

We are specialized in the fields of IT and new technologies. We are constantly looking for new solutions for our customers so that we are able to offer and simplify the management of their IT systems while ensuring maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Our company proposes to its customer’s various solutions and applications allowing to optimize the use of new technologies in the functioning of its organization.

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